What to do when family photos feel too triggering.

I'll do my part to make it easier for you.

Sometimes, you completely avoid having family photos taken because, well, it's just too painful. You've lost someone you love, and you don't need to be reminded of their absence even further. I've had a handful of clients who have lovingly confided how difficult and triggering the process is for them. People say it's just too unnatural to pose and smile together, when it's so glaringly, jarringly obvious who's missing. This specific situation is a major trigger for grief. Miscarriage, death, divorce...these are not typically the kinds of chaotic life events that drive people to have family photos taken. I get it. And I want to help. 

I love to know the story of your family, so I know how to treat your loss and your grief with empathy and sensitivity during your family session. Sometimes these special sessions need to go a little slower. There's more time to talk and get to know each person. Sometimes I'm a little quieter, not so in-your-face-making-everyone-laugh. Sometimes there are tears and sometimes there's only laughter. Each session is different, because each family story is unique. 


I've worked with the Parsons family for many years. I met Ben & Mel before they had any kids, so we've had a long relationship. After their loss, Mel told me the last thing they wanted was to see a photo of their family without Phoenix in it, but they also want photos of their kids growing up. They remember their daughter & sister Phoenix by bringing along a pillow made from her blankets and onesies. Here they are in 2016 and also in 2017. 


Here's a few words from the Parsons family, who remembers their daughter Phoenix. 

"Having family photos taken is very sensitive for us. We avoided it for years after the loss of our daughter. When we took photos with Kate, she blew me away. She was incredibly compassionate and worked with us to pull off genuinely stunning photos. She is amazing with our little kids but also manages to help our teen not feel awkward which is hugely impressive.

Don't compromise on talent when you have the chance of photos by Kate Miller. She communicates beautifully while taking incredible shots. Her presence is so calming. She helps create a great environment and even brings a portable speaker she plays music on. I'll always remember when she came prepared to bribe our 2 yr old with fruit snacks. We are always so impressed by her work and how painless the process was for us."



Email me at katejmillerphotography@gmail.com to tell me all about your family, your unique story and your special brand of love for each other. Also, check out the Healing Center in Seattle for family grief support. 

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