How are family photos kinda like going to the dentist?

Here's a hint, they're both things a lot of people dread.

I get it. Family photos are kinda, sorta like going to the dentist. You know you need to do it. You know it’s good for you. But you avoid it like. the. plague. 

Maybe it’s because you hate being photographed. Maybe it’s because the idea of getting all your children to look the same place at the same time while smiling gives you stress sweats like you wouldn’t believe. Or maybe you’re wracked with guilt because you can’t remember the last time your youngest had a non iPhone photo taken. Whatever your hesitation, I’m here to help you with it. 


When you book with me, I’ll send you my pinterest board and blog post of outfit inspiration. Spoiler alert, I’m all about what makes you and your family feel good. Personally, I had to endure years of perfectly matched white shirt and khaki or denim outfits, so I tend to suggest in the opposite direction. I want to know all about your kids personalities and your family dynamics. I want to get photos of who you are as a family, not just standing upright and smiling perfectly. I want these photos to be meaningful to you, for you to look at them and say, yep that’s definitely my kid. Don’t get me wrong, I’ll make everyone look really good too. That’s just a bonus to personality. 

During family sessions, I love to take a step back. I’m all about setting up a scene and then letting it play out. It’s my way of getting photos that look really good, but also show your personalities, your stories, and your love for each other. 



So, I get it. A family session can sometimes feel like an obligation, but we’re going to turn it into something you truly enjoy and are excited to do. And with me, you won’t even have to lie about the last time you flossed. Email me at to tell me about your family and book your own family session. 

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