Holly & Cole's Tuscany Wedding

A destination wedding in Greve in Chianti, Italy.

beautiful bride and groom stand for portrait
Groom dips bride back and laughs

Holly & Cole got married a few weeks ago in Greve in Chianti, Italy. This wedding was close to my heart, as Cole is my boyfriend’s brother and I’ve known these two for a few years now. They’re kind & generous, they’re funny & smart, they’re the kind of people who make you want to travel 5,500 miles for their wedding, though not everyone could. For those of us who got to be there in person, their wedding day was stunning, personal, and intimate—one I’ll be thinking about for years to come.

wedding dress in the staircase of italian villa
Bride's mother and sister help her get her wedding dress on
reflection of the maid of honor as she fixes the bride's hair
wedding dress in doorway of italian courtyard with directional light
close up of beautiful lace wedding dress
adorable first look in bw
groom sees bride for the first time on wedding day
beautiful moment at first look

Villa Benedetta was our glorious home for the week. Every night was a late night (sometimes all night) party with flowwwwing wine...the best consequence of vacationing with 18 people who love to talk, eat, drink, and dance. The villa overlooked vineyards and groves of olive trees and was built 200 years ago by a wine producing family in the area. It seemed to be an endless labyrinth of rooms and hallways and every noise echoed because of the high ceilings. The wedding ceremony was held on the lawn and the reception in the courtyard. We went on lots of different little adventures to town, to Florence, and to the hillsides, and we also took lots of time to just relax and enjoy the villa that felt like it was straight from a dream.

bride and groom kiss in stairwell of old italian villa
bride poses in rounded archway
bridal portrait in archway
bridesmaids in jewel tones in tuscany
handsome groomsmen in tuscany
bridesmaids in vineyard
wedding party in tuscan vineyard
Groomsmen in vineyard
casual wedding party walking
groomsmen cheers
close up portrait of bride with olive branch crown
portrait of beautiful bride
bride carrying olive branches and wearing olive branch crown
groom kisses bride deeply
portrait of bride and groom in love

It’s a special thing, I think, to be with a group of people and it just clicks. Most of the women in this group have known each other since middle or high school, most of the men’s friendships span longer than a decade. We got to spend 5 days together talking, drinking, dancing, eating, and exploring and I’d love to do it all over again, anytime, anyplace.

portrait of groom in blue suit
bride and groom in love
bride with her father just before walking down the aisle
bride walks down the aisle with her father
italian villa wedding ceremony
hand fasting during wedding ceremony
bride and groom kiss at the end of the ceremony
bride and groom recessional
groom after ceremony
bride hugs her best friend after ceremony
girlfriends after wedding ceremony
reception table setting in italy
table setting at italian destination wedding

Francesca, the chef, cooked for us two nights in a row. The first night, pizza party! Each dough rolled out one at a time with the perfect mix of roasted veggies, meats, cheeses, and herbs and fired in her outdoor oven. We stood around her station for hours watching, chatting, and eating. The second night, the wedding dinner, was a true Tuscan feast. Olive bread, salad, crispy meatballs in red sauce, risotto with taleggio cheese, and a final course of wild boar with roasted potatoes. She told us how the wild boar had been killed just two days ago, for this meal. Every ingredient fresh, local, and delicious and every bite a celebration of Tuscany and it’s culinary history. Each course was punctuated by a toast from a friend or family member.

mother of the groom reads toast
cheers at the wedding table
samba dancers at wedding reception
groomsman dances at reception
funny groomsman dancing at reception


Cole's mom read this beautiful poem as her toast at the wedding dinner...

The Newlywed Acrobats, by James Galvin

     -after Chagall

Even though he is in church, the groom's long yellow hair lilts in a slight breeze from the sacristy.

He sports gold sequined tights and
        The bride is decked out in a gold bikini.

 Her breasts are
two miracles.

       Her smile is, well, blinding.

             He flips the wedding ring
          High into the air like a florin.

She spears it (did you guess?) on her
            ring finger.

                    The priest juggles chalices as they kiss.

The crowd

                       roars joyously as she cartwheels down the aisle.

The groom does

       back handsprings and sticks a double flip at the door.

                                  On the steps,

                                        an avalanche of confetti.

Clowns are shot from canons to the

         right and to the left.

                   On golden ropes the couple swings into the
waiting limo, which looks like a gold coffin being sawed in two and appears to split in half as it disappears.

                   There happens to be a
trampoline in front of the hotel.

        They spring each other higher and

                      higher and scarily higher until he vaults into a fourth floor window
                             and she follows like a comet's tail.

The bridal suite is golden with

                 smoke and mirrors everywhere.

                             A trapeze over the bed lolls back

and forth.

So many options for the finale!

          Too many!

                   A lifetime of

                             They look deeply into each other's eyes, his bleary, hers

fierce with determination.

                          She says, "you're not gonna believe this

girlfriends dance together at reception

This wedding truly felt like a dream come to life, and I was elated to be the photographer. Holly & Cole, congratulations on your new adventure!

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