5 Tips for Creating Your Boudoir Look

Casual and flirty? Feminine and sensual? Confident and glamorous? Here's some tips to help you create your look...

woman in lingerie having fun
calvin klein bra and jeans boudoir
cool girl with tattoos and roller skates boudoir session

The first time I worked on a boudoir photoshoot was about 8 years ago, when I was working as a summer intern for a wedding photography studio. I immediately loved the idea, how fun the shoots were, and how open and comfortable the women seemed to be. Women were typically booking boudoir shoots as a pre-wedding gift for their fiances or anniversary gifts for their husbands. It was the height of the Mad Men aesthetic...remember how much people loved that? Cigarettes as props! Sky high heels! Cocktails galore! The most popular looks were pin-up adjacent--lots of makeup, men’s shirts, stilettos, and bustiers. I think this is still a popular (and fun!) look, but I love how the current boudoir photography scene has evolved into a softer and more feminine look that includes a wider range of lingerie, clothing, accessories, and attitude. I love that most of our clients are no longer only booking boudoir sessions as gifts for their partner, they’re booking sessions to celebrate themselves, to appreciate their bodies, and to give themselves a major confidence boost. I love the palpable shift from a pre-wedding gift for someone else to a no-reasons-needed celebration of yourself and an expression and exercise of self love.

woman reclines on bed with candles and flowers and crystals

One of the first boudoir sessions I shot was for a friend who wanted a very casual, very true to her style session. She wore converse, jean shorts, and a bra, and let me tell you, it was a real breath of fresh. Because, even though she might share a few with her boyfriend, these were all for her and she took control of how she wanted to be photographed and styled. She was relaxed and confident, because she knew it was for herself and no one else. Ain’t No Body Like This Body wants to help you with how to create a look, mood, and attitude for your session that’s unique to you. Here are my tips!

casual boudoir with converse and cut offs
casual boudoir with spider man tshirt

1. Gather Inspiration
If you’re not quite sure what kind of look you want to create, our Instagram and pinterest are great sources of inspiration. Choose a few photos that you’re very drawn to. If you have time, drop into a victoria’s secret, aerie, bellefleur lingerie, or a nordstrom. Look around and see what catches your eye or gets you excited. (Bonus: this can also be done from your couch while you watch tv thanks to the magic of the internet, but it’s fun to see things in person and touch the fabric and try things on!) Bellefleur Lingerie in Fremont offers a complimentary styling session with a stylist who will pick looks specifically chosen for you.

sexy lingerie set boudoir session
boudoir portraits with agent provacateur

2. Accessorize

In your session, you’ll have time for two or three outfits. I love any look that can be accessorized easily. Bring a robe, hat, thigh highs, knee socks, jeans, shoes, boots, necklace, body chain basically anything that can be taken off or put on quickly so you can get the most out of those 2-3 looks. You’d be surprised how different the same outfit can look when paired with different rounds of accessories.

Boudoir photo session with fur
woman reclines on bed with candles and flowers and crystals

3. Think outside the (lingerie) box

Don’t be afraid to think outside the box when it comes to putting your look together! Have a costume you wore to a festival? Bring it! Love roller skates? So do we. Wear them with a bra and underwear. Anything can look good when it’s paired with the right attitude 🙂 I love to think about what mood I want to come across when I’m helping style and pose my clients. Sometimes it’s full on bombshell sex kitten, sometimes it’s just fun, playful, and flirty. Always, it’s confidence in yourself and your body. 

festival boudoir session
cool girl roller skates and tattoo boudoir
pendleton fleece boudoir session

4. Attitude is your best friend

Attitude is going to be your biggest helper. I will always do my part to make you feel as relaxed as possible, but honestly, there’s an adjustment time to getting photographed in your underwear because it’s kind of unnatural. If you can go into your shoot with confidence, reminding yourself that you are a bad ass who deserves gorgeous photos simply because of who you are, well then we’re more than halfway there.

girl playing ukelele in underwear
fun boudoir
full lingerie set with garters and thigh highs

5. Glam

At your session, Holly will be giving you a full glam look. Now, this woman is a makeup genius, so don’t be afraid to tell her what you like or show her a few of your favorite photos for inspiration. Recently, one of our girls came to a session with her own neon blue eyeshadow and Holly applied it like a pro (well, because she is one). She will make your skin glow like a damn poreless wonder. She’s the absolute best at making women look like the best versions of themselves, instead of a face that’s been airbrushed and contoured into oblivion.

beautiful serene boudoir portrait
beautiful sensual boudoir portrait


If you have any questions about boudoir styling or want to share any tips of your own, feel free to email me at katejmillerphotography@gmail.com. Have some inspiration to share with the team? DM us at @aintnobodylikethisbody on instagram! Interested in participating in our next boudoir event? Visit the page here! We’d love to hear from you.

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